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  • Through thorough analysis, our team of seasoned and licensed digital investigators and forensic experts help you accomplish your goals. Formally known as digital forensics, our team offers services from cell phone forensics and computer investigations to data recovery and image collection, our clients are always satisfied with the level of service and detailed evidentiary report we provide. Following chain of custody procedures, our team preserves cyber evidence beyond any doubt of modification – making your case.

    Data Recovery & Extraction

    Whether information is stored on a computer, mobile devices or in the cloud, our cyber evidence experts recover, extract and analyze digital data. Through the assistance of state-of- the-art technology, we’re able to locate and review data that is usually unavailable through traditional investigatory processes.

    Data Utilization

    Through our memory acquisition service, BrazilCo can determine what programs, networks and data have been utilized on a device.

    Forensic Duplications

    When you need one or multiple copies of cyber evidence or devices, rely on BrazilCo. Through our proven process, we’re able to duplicate data storage devices and create certified, exact evidentiary copies for the court.

    Bug Sweeps

    For you and your clients’ peace of mind, let BrazilCo determine if recording or tracking devices are in place at any location from office, home, vehicle or anywhere in between.

    Do You Have Everything You Need to Make Your Case?

    BrazilCo’s litigation services are constantly exceeding expectations. See why we’re different – and you’ll never work with anyone else!

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