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  • Complex litigation is our specialty. BrazilCo’s proven trial services combine the organization of trial preparation and the design of trial presentation with the skillsets of highly-trained information technology specialists, seasoned data programmers and creative multimedia production. The result is a reliable toolset of people, process and technology to help present and execute your argument effectively. By doing our job — Aiding your coordinated plan and staff — BrazilCo’s entire team is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal outcomes by handling the details of the case, which in turn allows you to laser focus in on your client, the law, the case facts, the judge and jury. Everything our team does aims to clarify your message so we can be part of making your case.

    Trial Preparation

    From initial pleading to final appellate decision, BrazilCo tools and services are continuously and successfully deployed to achieve our clients’ — and our clients’ clients’ — objective: To win. To be successful, you need the right information retrieved, collected and managed, presented with the right timing at your direction and flow during optimal moments at trial. Detailed preparation is, obviously, a key factor in winning, yet often overlooked or under-resourced. Our certified paralegals and trial specialists seamlessly augment your team and can handle all aspects from planning to evidence management to courtroom logistics.

    Case Management

    Under your direction, we amass all case material you may want to present during the hearings and trial, and put it all at your fingertips using proven case management and trial preparation software. Keeping you organized and on schedule, BrazilCo’s team handles the technical logistics of your case so you can focus on your client and crafting your overall trial plan.

    Mock Trials

    To fully prepare for complex cases at trial, BrazilCo plans and coordinates simulated proceedings with mock jurors and judge, focus groups, witness preparation and jury experts when necessary. Creating a realistic setting, our team helps you test, evaluate and determine if you have prepared for all potential outcomes, or if a witness or piece of demonstrative evidence is ready for the courtroom. When life-changing decisions and/or substantial assets are in the balance, don’t guess. Test it. Prove it. Make your case.

    Trial Presentation

    After collecting, organizing and codifying case material into a searchable E-discovery database, our production team utilizes courtroom-proven, state-of-the-art technology to develop, edit and present demonstrative evidence — including graphics, animations and audio/visuals — to help attorneys deliver a clear, convincing message at trial. Collaborating with your staff, we produce electronic exhibits to display and finesse your evidence in a strategic way, allowing you to channel the focus of the judge and jury.


    Capture the attention of the triers of fact in a powerful way to help them visualize a complex event, timeline or scenario with dynamic legal animations. When more than simple annotated images of an event or concept are needed, BrazilCo creates animated recreations for you to show specific details, timing or unique perspectives to precisely communicate the point.

    Audio Visual Editing, Enhancement & Restoration

    During the discovery phase, BrazilCo offers you crisp and clear video and audio unlike you’ve seen or heard before with our cutting-edge cinema 4k cameras and studio-grade microphones. If your audio or video needs to be edited, enhanced or restored in preparation of trial, BrazilCo has the tools and expertise to make outside recordings courtroom ready. Beyond page and line designation editing, titles, banners, markers and annotations/animations can be added to draw attention to particular testimony. Use multiple picture-in-picture screens in frame to quickly prove a point. Recordings can be transcribed by our certified court reporters and synchronized to the text for maximum searchability and presentation impact. Our post-production team reduces complex requests or issues to simple solutions to help you deliver your evidence clearly.

    Graphic Design

    Help your audience comprehend a complex concept or idea with visual aids created by BrazilCo’s experienced graphic designers. Under your direction, our team creates timelines, illustrations, trial boards and graphics to assist your storytelling of the case. Staying consistent with your message, we construct easily understood graphics that will affect how a judge or jury perceives the evidence.

    Trial Support

    BrazilCo’s experts know that anything can happen during trial, and we are ready to support you in every aspect of the process. Document management with online access to your entire set of case materials in realtime. The organized, effective preparation and presentation of your evidence. Last-minute investigation, in-trial process service and post-production editing on the fly. Getting you a cup of coffee. For every request you make, no matter how large or small, we are there to support you before, during and after trial as we are constantly striving to assist you in making your case.

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