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  • With 25-plus years of Fortune 500 corporate IT infrastructure and security experience under our belt, our team of seasoned and licensed digital investigators and forensic experts help you accomplish your collection, handling, examination, analysis, reporting and expert testimony goals. Formally known as digital forensics, our team offers services from cell phone, computer and cloud forensics, investigations and analysis to data recovery and image collection and expert testimony. Our clients are always prepared with the level of service and detailed evidentiary report we provide in preparation for discovery, trial, hearings, mediation and arbitration. Following court-proven gathering and strict chain of custody procedures, our team preserves cyber evidence beyond any doubt during discovery and trial — making your case.

    BrazilCo’s forensic services include but are not limited to:

    • Forensic Imaging & Collection of Digital Evidence
    • Data Acquisition – Forensically Sound Collection of a Single Hard Drive, Memory Chip or an Entire Company’s Network
    • Mobile & Smart Device Forensics
    • Discreet Network Collections, Instant Collection at Depositions & “Black-Bag” Collection
    • Recovering deleted files, metadata and artifacts
    • Copying/Downloading/Removing Company Files (USB Storage Devices)
    • Search Local/Remote Connections, Internet/Cloud & Business Network Activity
    • Copying/Downloading/Removing Company Files & Digital Shredding
    • Identifying Applications Used by Persons of Interest
    • Locating Accessed Files, Access Times & Geo-Locations
    • Bug Sweeps / Spyware Identification

    Data Recovery & Extraction

    Whether information is stored on a computer, mobile devices or in the cloud, our cyber evidence experts recover, extract and analyze digital data — even data that has been hidden or deleted. Through the assistance of state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to locate, review and analyze data that is usually unavailable through traditional investigatory processes —anywhere, any place, anytime.

    Data Tracing & Utilization

    Using proven certified software and hardware, along with deep validation techniques, determination of what data inputs have been used and where comes into focus and provides the ability to track data across multiple devices and computers, as well as geo-locate/time/date stamps allowing you to flesh out the complete trial of evidence.

    Forensic Duplications

    When you need reliable access to cyber evidence, rely on BrazilCo. Through our proven process, we’re able to forensically duplicate data on most storage devices and create certified, exact evidentiary copies for the court and future comparative analysis – even in the middle of a deposition.

    Bug Sweeps

    For you and your clients’ peace of mind, let BrazilCo determine if recording or tracking devices are in place at any location, from office, to home, vehicle or anywhere in between. Use our services and expertise to find out if your clients’ computers and/or mobile device are being compromised during the discovery and trial procedures to ensure attorney-client privileges are being maintained with the utmost integrity.

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