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  • Unlike traditional document management services, we spend as much time in discovery and the courtroom as we do behind copiers, printers and scanners. You need to be prepared for anything — and everything. At BrazilCo, you can depend on the people that handle your documents to understand the importance of the legal process, the rules of evidence and the requirement that it must be right.

    You name it and BrazilCo can handle it. Our vast document management offerings are cost effective and customizable to meet your specific requirements. Equipped with the latest technology and experienced, on-staff paralegals, BrazilCo can complete your job of any size. Understanding you expect – and need – perfection the first time and every time, our team will manage every document in your case from initial pleading through final appellate decision.

    Because quality, accurate reproduction of every word on every piece of paper and image in evidentiary documentation is central to the success of the litigation process, we handle your files with extreme care and attention — and take compliance with our industry certifications, including HIPPA, very seriously. Rest assured your documents are secure with us.

    Making your case begins with proficient document management, and BrazilCo has that covered.

    Document Scanning & Storage

    By housing all your case material, exhibits, images and documents in the cloud — organized, searchable, secure and optimized for fast retrieval on any device — our team eliminates your need for an on-site file room. Systematically, we sort and index all files in structures customized to make it easy for you to retrieve and reference documents you need when you need them.

    Sharpening, De-Skewing & Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    Searchable content, achieved through advanced OCR, allows you to quickly and efficiently locate specific information not only within a document, but across all documents. In addition, our expert team, using a rigorous quality control process, will help ensure your documents are straight and clear before you retrieve or print full document sets.

    Document Printing

    Our team prints, binds and delivers your case material whenever and wherever you need it — exceeding your turnaround time expectations. Because everything is systematically labeled, you’ll have complete, organized copies for trial or briefs for a board meeting. We also can custom bates stamp or custom label all individual pages sequentially, or to your individual specifications.

    Digital Data Extraction/Conversion

    BrazilCo puts our state-of-the-art technology and computer expertise to work providing you access to data that would otherwise sit out of reach, remain unreadable or sit inaccessible due to deletion. Once that information is unlocked, your team has the ability to migrate or convert your data to the formats you need for safe storage, or put it to use through further data processing using our cyber evidence services.

    Document Shredding & Data Destruction

    When there is no more use for sensitive documents or storage devices such as hard drives or jump drives, our team will destroy them, safeguarding against confidential data ending up in the wrong hands.

    Do You Have Everything You Need to Make Your Case?

    BrazilCo’s litigation services are constantly exceeding expectations. See why we’re different – and you’ll never work with anyone else!

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