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  • When it comes to legal video, juries expect a clear picture and crisp audio to eliminate distractions. Considering most people need visuals to deeply comprehend, anything sub-par could affect the persuasiveness of your case. Utilizing the latest, high-end equipment – including 4K digital cameras and world class audio kits – BrazilCo’s legal video specialists with professional broadcasting and cinematography training set them apart from CLVS and AGCV, ensuring studio quality image capture reliable for making your case.

    Because BrazilCo utilizes the best equipment, we’re able to record in one, continuous run – which means your line of questioning will never be interrupted. Instead of having to stop and change the tape or card, our videographers will keep recording until you direct them otherwise.

    Our in-house production department follows our proven process for all legal videos and digital photographs to ensure visual continuity. After recording, our team moves into the post-production phase, creating synchronized video transcripts, editing and condensing depositions, adding titles and banners, producing picture-in-picture graphics, duplicating video and more – all within a quick turnaround timeframe.

    Depositions, Mediations, Arbitrations & Agreements

    Capture the tone of any deposition, mediation, arbitration, agreement or signing with our professional image capture services. Remote participants can view in real-time through streaming video to his or her own computer.


    Don’t let your judge or jury guess at what a witness is looking at and speaking about. With picture-in-picture technology, your audience will view a split screen of the exhibit and the deponent allowing them to see reactions and facial expressions.

    Day-in-the-Life Documentaries

    Help your judge or jury put themselves in your client’s shoes by showing them a glimpse at the typical home environment.

    Property Inventory and Inspections

    Create a photographic or video record of personal property and assets including items like vehicles, homes, jewelry, collectables and household furnishings.

    Aerial Videography

    Utilizing drones, we’re able to capture images otherwise unobtainable. All our pilots are FAA certified for small unmanned aircrafts, meaning they are trained and well-versed in flight rules and regulations which ensures your evidence will be admissible in court.

    Industrial Documentation

    After an accident, ensure everything aspect of the scene is documented via forensic video.

    Rely on the Best

    The competition doesn’t even come close to comparing what we offer you. When audio and visuals are crucial, turn to our trusted and certified experts.

    BrazilCo Standard: 4K

    Industry Standard: SD

    BrazilCo recommends viewing the videos in full screen mode, as they would appear in court, to gain a better understanding of the differences between file types.

    Do You Have Everything You Need to Make Your Case?

    BrazilCo’s litigation services are constantly exceeding expectations. See why we’re different – and you’ll never work with anyone else!

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