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  • Your one source for private investigation and cyber evidence services, BrazilCo specializes in sensitive and complex investigations. Whether you need to observe an event, record someone’s action or gather evidence, our experienced team provides clients with evidentiary weight to be used in court in the form of expert testimony and a comprehensive report.

    Experts in surveillance, background checks and tracing or tracking work, our private investigators have in-depth experience. Trusted by clients, we use the latest technology to assist our investigatory efforts allowing us to deliver first-rate service – which is imperative for making your case.


    Closely observing a person or place, our private investigators watch a subject to document any activity related to your case day or night. Tracking down infidelity, finding hidden assets, validating employment or income and overseeing visitations are a few examples of BrazilCo’s capabilities. Working with our clients, we understand your specific needs and make recommendations on a plan of actions.

    Skip Trace & Tracking

    Through this technique, BrazilCo’s skiptracers collect information and data about our subjects to locate their whereabouts. Searching through records and performing methods of social engineering, financial tracing and vehicle locating our team can help you find anyone pertinent to your case. Additionally, our private investigators can track someone down to serve them court documents.

    Background Checks

    Depending on your needs and the case at hand, BrazilCo will perform a comprehensive background investigation to gain a fuller picture of a person. Including interviews of family, friends and colleagues – and even expanding several degrees of separation – criminal records, employment and more, our team provides clients with a greater understanding of a key person.

    Do You Have Everything You Need to Make Your Case?

    BrazilCo’s litigation services are constantly exceeding expectations. See why we’re different – and you’ll never work with anyone else!

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