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  • BrazilCo’s trial services combine the organization of trial preparation with the design of trial presentation. Aiding your coordinated plan, BrazilCo’s team is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal outcomes by handling the details of the case, which in turn allows you to focus on your job. Everything our team does aims to clarify your message so we can be part of making your case.

    Trial Preparation

    To be successful, you need the right information retrieved, collected and managed to present at optimal moments at trial. Striving for seamless support throughout the litigation process, our certified paralegals and trial specialists augment your team and handle all aspects from planning to courtroom logistics.

    Case Management

    Under your direction, we amass case material, including documents and videos, that you’ll need during the trial. Keeping your organized and on schedule, BrazilCo’s team handles the logistics of your case so you can focus on your client and crafting your overall trial plan.

    Mock Trials

    To fully prepare for trial, BrazilCo plans a simulated proceeding with mock jurors and judge if necessary. Creating a realistic setting, our team helps you determine if you have prepared for all potential outcomes or if a witness is ready for the courtroom.

    Trial Presentation

    After collecting and organizing case material, our production team utilizes state-of-the-art technology to develop demonstrative evidence – including graphics, animations and videos – to help attorneys deliver a clear message at trial. Collaborating with clients, we produce electronic exhibits to display evidence in a strategic way to compliment other aspects of the trial like testimonies.

    Because the trajectory of a trial can change in an instant, BrazilCo also offers real-time trial presentation services to help clients frame their message during trial. Coordinating with clients and actively combing through evidence, our trial technicians look ahead to provide attorneys with small presentations to solidify their case.


    Capture your audiences’ attention and help them visualize an event or scenario with legal animations. Instead of showing pictures of an event, BrazilCo creates animated recreations for you to show specific details, timing or unique perspectives.

    Audio Visual

    BrazilCo offers you crisp and clear video and audio unlike you’ve seen or heard before with our cutting-edge cameras and microphones. In preparation of trial, titles and banners can be added to our recordings including depositions, mediations, hearings, aerial overviews and property inventories. Our post-production team also offers synchronized video transcripts in addition to side-by-side screens to help you deliver your evidence.

    Graphic Design

    Help your audience comprehend a complex concept or idea with visual aids created by BrazilCo’s experienced graphic designers. Under your direction, our team creates timelines, illustrations, trial boards and graphics to assist your storytelling of the case. Staying consistently with your message, we construct easily understood graphics that will affect how a judge or jury perceives the evidence.

    Trial Support

    BrazilCo’s online system houses all documents and files pertinent to your case and notifies you when new materials have been completed and added. Easily search for and view our calendar of case events, transcripts, synchronized video and transcripts anywhere you have web access. Also upload any information, data or notices you need your BrazilCo team to be aware of.

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